About us

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8.9ha is a multi-media news channel supporting knowledge transfer for people working in land-based sectors and linked supply chains from food to fashion—people who actually have the ability to deliver food and fibre production integrated with climate mitigation and adaptation and biodiversity regeneration.  

8.9ha is the only news channel designed and curated specifically to assist practical, investable and inclusive change across land-based industries, land policy and land investments.

The counter narrative

Land management—for food, farming, fashion, forestry and amenity—is central to human success.  But a prevailing narrative that pitches farmers and other investors in land as the enemy is stifling goodwill and innovation.  We need to move past it.

8.9ha is the counter narrative.  We deliver a practical, investable and inclusive narrative for land use.  Bringing the latest news, data and experienced perspective to those involved in the land-based industries, land policy and land investments.

Multi-media news channel

We use week-daily TV news bulletins alongside live discussions, articles, podcasts and webinars to deliver insight for investors, land managers and policymakers.  As our news business develops, our TV capacity will increase, and our channel’s output will rise.  Our team also promote science, solutions and commentary that help to elevate the role that land plays in delivering a liveable and enjoyable future for humanity. 

Alongside our own original content, we aggregate important material from other channels to provide a dynamic one-stop-shop for everyone working to deliver profitable land use that integrates climate change mitigation and adaptation, biodiversity regeneration, robust supply chains, and economic resilience.

Ultimately, 8.9ha will do two things.  Firstly, we will provide a professional space for people working on and with the land to profile and promote their experience, to find and meet each other, and to discuss ideas, land challenges and practical policy solutions.  Secondly, we will be the world’s largest on-line repository of knowledge and know-how.  By aggregating the best available news, science and experience from across all media, technical and academic channels, we will become the largest one-stop-shop for the land use sector. 


While there are sources of news and information for distinct land use sectors, nowhere can this be found in one place, and nowhere is there a high-quality media voice working to support a positive narrative for multi-outcome land use.  

Our TV, print and audio content will connect and inform people investing and working in all land-based sectors and related supply chains, from food to fashion.


ffinlo Costain – Chief Editor

Anthony Heard – Food Reporter

Dr Ashleigh Bright – Scientific Advisor

Kaz Strycharczyk – Veterinary Advisor

Andy James – Careers Advisory

Richard Firth – Chief Operating Officer

Roland Bonney – Board Chair

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